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Of all home improvement practices, painting always gets the highest rating for being the procedure that potentially beautifies your property the most. A fresh paint job is the most visible aspect of any home upgrade. Unfortunately, if the job is done by unskilled painting company, it most likely won’t deliver the desired results, which is a lot harder to rectify than simply hiring the proper painting contractor in the first place.

Always entrust your Park Ridge, IL property to a highly experienced house painters tor for any painting project.

No matter if the project is big or small, interior or exterior, you should consider calling Park Ridge Painting, the most trusted residential painter. We deliver excellence and quality to every task we undertake, and you will be pleased by our service and the exceptional quality of our work. We have over 27 years of experience in painting houses throughout Park Ridge IL, and the surrounding Western Chicago area and are one of the most cost efficient services around. Read more about us, or reach us today for a free estimate.

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As an exceptional painting contractor, we know that proper preparation and planning are vital for each painting project. The preparation of the surfaces is directly related to the appearance of the finished product. An experienced painting company knows that painting is more than just waving with a brush in hand and applying paint on a wall. Furthermore, he will first protect and cover floors and furniture, prepare the surface to be painted in whatever ways are necessary, usually, spacling and removing the old coat of paint by sanding or with a power washer, then we will apply a primer, then the surface is ready to be painted. Park Ridge Painting can deliver incomparable quality with unmatched results for all your painting needs. Each one of our house painters has gone through intensive training and is experienced in the proper use and application of different types of paints.

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freshly painted houseBeing professional interior and exterior painters means we have the tools, needed to perform quality exterior and interior painting service. We bring the scaffolds and painting tools which means that all you need for your painting project is under one roof! We will undertake your project with attention to the smallest detail and in the most professional manner. We are careful and neat, which means the impact on your property will be minimized. Improve the appeal of your home in Park Ridge with the help of our exterior and interior painters. We offer quality workmanship at affordable prices!

by Andrew Ramirez on Park Ridge Painting
Magnificent work!

No other painter has ever managed to do such a fantastic job in my home, and working with you was really a great experience. Great customer service and wonderful results!

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freshly painted empty roomIf you need to spot-repair interior walls, you may do it by yourselves or hire an average painting contractor. When you are planning a larger painting project, you will need more than an average house painter. Park Ridge Painting is always ready to help, and you can rest assured, we will treat your property like it was our own. No job is considered too small or too large. Anything that needs a fresh coat of paint falls within our scope of work. Wood, metal, stucco, drywall, concrete, we have the knowledge and expertise along with the supplies to paint and protect them. Count on Park Ridge Painting when you wish to upgrade and paint: (847) 384-9088

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